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Wrapping Up Secret Santa Over Atlanta 2023 Giving Season

We had a great year and wanted to give you a breakdown as well as some final thoughts and photos.  Please check out our website for more photos and details.

Secret Santa By the Numbers:

  • Stockings, stuffers, and books for all 25 children

  • 60 additional presents were given out to neighborhood children

  • 4 Christmas trees with stars and ornaments were delivered

  • Donations assisted in purchasing wrapping paper, gift bags, boxes and other wrapping supplies

  • All Amazon Wishlist Items were purchased for 4 families totaling 150 gifts

  • Secret Santa partners donated for 2 other families

  • $1,575 in donations were received

  • We spent $1,991.48 for items not on Amazon WishList including food and giftcards for families

We loved our deliveries and are always delighted by the joy we are bringing the children.  Even when one child opened his stocking and received a toothbrush with toothpaste he said: “Look Dad, something useful!”

Finally, the comment from a child that you saw on the news will always be in our minds as it summarizes what we do and how your contributions make a difference:  “No matter what anyone says, never give up on Santa Claus.”


Thank you again for all of your assistance and support in making the holidays bright for these 6 families.

Until this November when we do it all over again for our 13th year,


Santa and Ms. Claus

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