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Secret Santa Over Atlanta made the First Delivery yesterday to a grandmother battling brain cancer for 20 years. She has six grandchildren she was unable to provide Christmas for this year.

After Santa’s sleigh went into the shop for a tail light repair (after Santa backed into it) and some much-needed touchup paint, Santa and the elves loaded the sleigh with lunchboxes, stockings, bags of food, and presents for all. They battled Atlanta Christmas traffic and headed an hour south to meet the first sponsored family.

In true Santa fashion, the truck pulled Santa and his sleigh and blaring “Here Comes Santa Claus” as we pulled into the neighborhood. Santa and his helpers were greeted by nine very excited children, jumping and squealing for joy. As Secret Santa Over Atlanta handed presents out to the family’s children and the neighborhood children, all the children proceeded to jump into the sleigh with Santa so that he could read “The Night Before Christmas.”

Shortly after, the sleigh was loaded and ready to pack up for the deliveries on Wednesday and Thursday. There were originally five families in need this year, but we learned about a single mom with five children that we could not turn away.

Below, you can view photos to see how your donations progress from a hot mess in our home - to the magic of Christmas coming to light.

The expressions of gratitude from the family were too much to even put into words. Mawmaw (as the kids call her) was almost speechless.

Thank you again, and more to come this week.

Merry Christmas,

Santa and Ms. Claus

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