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Secret Santa Over Atlanta wrapped up our 11th year thanks to your generosity and support! We completed six deliveries, and all 24 children (from 6 families, ranging in age from 2-14) received lunchboxes, 8 presents each, and stockings filled with 16 wrapped gifts.

By the numbers, we delivered three Christmas trees with ornaments and a star, $50 gift cards, turkeys, hams, and three bags of groceries to all six families. In addition, we gifted presents to the parents and over 200 surprise presents to children who were delighted to see Santa in their neighborhoods.

Our Wednesday deliveries began with a family connected through Peace Prep Academy. We were delighted to see children jumping for joy as we arrived to their home. When we unloaded the packages, one little girl was so thrilled that we had brought her a tree she

wouldn’t allow anyone else to carry it into her home.

Santa packed up his sleigh and headed to our next two deliveries at a local apartment building. We pulled into the complex with Santa in his sleigh and “Here Comes Santa Claus” blaring for everyone to hear. Over 200 children greeted us - running from their homes, playgrounds and street games to see if Santa had a present for them. Of course, we handed each child a candy cane and a gift from Santa that included balls, games and puzzles. (If anyone has shopped at our local 5 Below, we apologize for cleaning out the store this week.) While it was mass chaos, we definitely brought the spirit of Christmas to this apartment complex, and we look forward to doing it again next year.

Our last two deliveries were made on Thursday and Friday to families through History Makers Church, an organization we have worked with for years. Upon arrival, children again came running out of their homes excited to see Santa.

Our Friday delivery started a little rocky. As the Claus family headed out to make the final delivery, Santa soon found that the hitch on the sleigh was frozen, and his reigns were too! Still, we braved through the cold and brought joy to a Mom and her children who had just lost their father this year.

We were blessed to have Pastor Dorcas with us. She always has a special way of delivering her message of peace and love, even though Elf Greyson is the only one that understands her beautiful Spanish. As we all wiped the tears from our eyes and said goodbye, Santa

brought his sleigh home and stored it until next year.

Thank you again for all of your love, support and donations. We absolutely could not do this without everyone one of you. We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Santa and Ms. Claus are now going to sleep for many days to come...

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