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Updated: Aug 5, 2022

For the past 10 years, Secret Santa Over Atlanta (SSOA) has spread joy and holiday cheer to families in need in the metro area. SSOA has helped single parents who saw no light at the end of the tunnel, families traumatized by the diagnosis of cancer, recovering addicts trying to make ends meet and families fleeing genocide and natural disasters from foreign countries. Our non-profit has experienced firsthand the difference generosity makes.

SSOA was able to help 6 families in need this year. Three families had suffered through cancer, two families just needed a little boost to get through the season, and one family contacted the organization last minute for assistance (a 22-year-old raising 4 young siblings).

This year, the organization had the most donations of any season - all 130 of the Amazon Wishlist items were donated and fulfilled and more than 20 cash donors enabled us to purchase additional food items, gift cards and tools. All thanks to SSOA's amazing friends and families!

"It has been amazing to watch our little elf in training come home from school every day and inquire if we had gotten any Secret Santa presents that day. It warmed our hearts to witness the joy on her face as she watched all the presents pile up," said Lydia Whitner.

Deliveries began on December 18th and all the families received gifts cards, a ham, and a turkey. Three families received a Christmas tree decorated with lights, ornaments and a star. Over 30 rolls of wrapping paper were used to wrap all the gifts and stockings for 13 children, and the parents received 3-4 gifts each, including several power tools. SSOA also received an additional blessing this year. We were able to purchase over 50 extra gifts and candy canes to give to children in the neighborhoods and apartment complexes where Santa drove his sleigh to deliver the donations.

Of course, it would not have been an authentic Secret Santa Over Atlanta season without a few hiccups including a broken-down sleigh in the middle of the interstate and a Publix parking lot delivery in the pouring rain. But, while the parking lot delivery was less than optimal for Santa, smiles were had by all the children, parents, and Santa's elves.

"We saw nothing but joy from a 15-year-old boy who had just completed a long day of chemotherapy," said David Lewgood, BlueKey President. "When we told him to have a Merry Christmas, he responded with, 'it’s going to be a merry one now!'"

For more information about Secret Santa Over Atlanta, please contact Lydia Whitner at

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